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 [GonxaloAMV] White Darkness

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Roseau Fringant
Roseau Fringant

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MessageSujet: [GonxaloAMV] White Darkness   Jeu 14 Fév - 18:06

Hey guys!

Actually I did not expect to make a AMV Mix ... This is the first time I make an AMV of these characteristics. I had personal problems which hindered me editing time, but after everything went well. Smile

Animes: Clannad After Story, Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!, Guilty Crown, Sword Art Online
Music: Linkin Park - Roads Untraveled
DDl Link: #!j9ImURSa!Y9vac3ujae9_I1-XNBXCjjaOQecm9CSsdqd8xi6J0Vc Very Happy


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Suceur de nouilles
Suceur de nouilles

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MessageSujet: Re: [GonxaloAMV] White Darkness   Sam 16 Fév - 0:28

Dunno, there is like a cliche of romance amv that does not allow me to like too munch random scenes betweens actions that do not allow me to like! because of random slideshow romance...

Beside this, it is okay...but something is missing for me to like....

Soyez le changement que vous voulez voir dans le monde Gandhi
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Sora to Kasai
Sora to Kasai

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MessageSujet: Re: [GonxaloAMV] White Darkness   Sam 16 Fév - 20:32


I didn't like it that much, because first of all, this is a various, though, if it wasn't I didn't feel it would look any different. You should mix the different animes better, there we have too long parts about just one anime, then another, so ok there's a link, the romance and stuff but still, it's not enough. It looks more like a mep with small parts than like a real various.

Another problem is, how General guy said, you went from romance to action, there again, I understand more or less why you did that but where Guilty Crown and SAO clearly have those kind of scenes, Clannad doesn't and so it looks a little awkward. On the action scenes, scene selection could have been better too, like for example, instead of showing the big skull of SAO and the guy at the end of ALO maybe focus more or combined attacks of the two heroes since you introduced them as a couple at the beginning, or when she takes that lethal hit from the bad guy of SAO.

On a more technical side, well cam moves could have been better, more accurate or logical, you could be more serious on them. There're some other flaws but that's not the real point this time, otherwise it was quite good.

So yeah, I think it could be better, you didn't try enough to mix the animes, I don't know if you want to try various again for the next one but I'd suggest that you try on juste one anime next time and then you can go back to this style. Anyways, good luck for the next man! See you

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MessageSujet: Re: [GonxaloAMV] White Darkness   

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[GonxaloAMV] White Darkness
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