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 My first Amv

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MessageSujet: My first Amv   Mar 30 Avr - 20:41

My first Amv, nothing really special but i am proud of it(i got that yay feeling).

Please give me some tips on how to improve. Just saying something but i wouldn't take the time to download my Amv(It's not really that special) but then again it's up to you.

Anime: Fairy tail
Episodes: 164/165/174/175

Kanye West- Power



Thank you for your time Very Happy.
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Sora to Kasai
Sora to Kasai

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MessageSujet: Re: My first Amv   Mer 1 Mai - 0:55

Haha well that's a first amv for you Razz What's good is that you're already making things right if I can tell, no watermark, no subtitle, using avs ... That's quite rare I think Smile

However, of course it's not really awesome, you didn't choose an easy song either xD Try having shorter scenes, a lot of them felt reaally long in your amv. I know the song was quite long and you haven't got a lot of episodes here but 5 minutes is quite long for an action amv, usually it's between 2 and 4, rarely more.

Avoid the lip flaps, if you thought the characters were actually like singing the song, then you need to be more accurate for the next time Razz

And in general I'd say you need to follow better your music but that's not really selfspeaking when it's your first so for now just try to watch as many good amvs as possible (our team, Soul's Team, Top 10 from important contests like Japan Expo, Akross, Big Contest etc.) and to read critics on amvs even if it's not on yours, so that you understand how a good amv is made (well unfortunately it's mainly in French here but there are tons of interesting forums in English Wink )

Good luck man! See ya

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My first Amv
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