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 Deadman AMV

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Vieux Brigand
Vieux Brigand

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MessageSujet: Deadman AMV   Jeu 1 Aoû - 9:18

Yo, I'm D4Rk and I'm editing since 50 years now xD sup
So basicly this is my new amv, I'm rly sorry for my last post xD I was so sleepy and ...

Anime:Shingeki no Kyojin
Song: One Reason - Fade

Dernière édition par D4RKAMV le Jeu 1 Aoû - 14:20, édité 1 fois
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Sora to Kasai
Sora to Kasai

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MessageSujet: Re: Deadman AMV   Jeu 1 Aoû - 14:03


I'll surely comment your amv but before making that, can you please go and make a small presentation of yourself there?

That would be much appreciated :gg:

For your vid, it's quite not bad, especially the beginning actually, it's well edited and there are some nice transitions but when the song really begins at 0:29 the pace becomes just toooo slow and this overlay thing just takes too much space, it's a little bothering. Of course you had to darken the scenes but not in a way that makes the action harder to see.

The rythm becomes better afterwards, you have some nice ideas like red eye and others, from 0:56 till the end I thought it was really nice. Before that you still had some really long scenes and some really too static (the plans on Eren's Titan for example) and it's also breaking your pace.

So yeah some parts were really nice and some others not so much, but soon enough you'll manage to make your editing solid on the whole vid. Keep it up :gg:

0:38 Audio bug?

~ Keep Moving Forward ~
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MessageSujet: Re: Deadman AMV   Jeu 1 Aoû - 23:49

+1 MDL , the main problem here is that the pace of the song is quite fast but you edit it as if it was a slow song so the flow is dead and we don't really want to continue because we think it'll be the same thing with the rest , even if it´s not the case here^^

So i won't repeat all what MDL said but try to manage your editing on the whole video not on only a part^^

I think you're improving so keep it up ^^

PS : your shakes are a lot better now :p , i liked the red color too Smile

Thx Oxide !!! <3


Merci Yoru !
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Ancien Combattant SNK
Ancien Combattant SNK

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MessageSujet: Re: Deadman AMV   Dim 4 Aoû - 15:44

*hears the music*
Ok, the title makes more sense now x)

I think that the editing pace could be better sometimes: From example from 0:55 to 1:04 it's quite slow, then from 1:04 to 1:10 it's much faster, whereas the music doesn't change that much.
But overall it was a nice job, I especially liked the red overlays


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MessageSujet: Re: Deadman AMV   

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Deadman AMV
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