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 Schizophrenia MEP

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MessageSujet: Schizophrenia MEP    Sam 30 Aoû - 1:48

Big thanks to ZoroIttoryu for the lovely poster! And Happy birthday to our 2 official Adults!

Woohoo Guys we're finally done and are more than just glad to present you ENP's very 1st serious MEP!
We actually started this all the way back to June, and most of the tracks were done not too long afterwards, but due to some circumstances we were forced to put the project on hold for a good while.

The theme is not any deeper than what the title suggests. Every editor had to present us with a case of a split personality in a character, and also throw some effort on what he's creating. So any shortcomings you may find is not due to us not trying, but lack of experience and we would greatly appreciate all the feedback and criticism we receive Smile

Dl link: download/678egdbwnqmhfk7/Schizophrenia+MEP.mp4
(Org link soon)

Production: Ellines Nakama
Author(s): KenshiroAMV / Pieetrr / 995Gabber / InvisibleBlack / AoNoFlamez / AlchemistEskimo / ZoroIttoryu
Anime source(s):
Audio source: Teddy Killerz ft. Ghetts - Inside my head
Other credits: Ryan (AnimeTube7) for helping us organize this MEP and being our beloved mascot, as well as former editor of part 6 (but he couldn't so Stav filled in)

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MessageSujet: Re: Schizophrenia MEP    Sam 30 Aoû - 2:39

not an enp mep lol. just a regular bday mep.

much swag:
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Ancien Combattant SNK
Ancien Combattant SNK

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MessageSujet: Re: Schizophrenia MEP    Sam 30 Aoû - 20:19

Track 1 (Soul Eater): One of My faves; it perfectly fits the theme

Track 2 (Black Lagoon): I really liked this one too, maybe too fast sometimes, and that TV effect at the end is weird but really niceoverall.

Track 3 (Mardock Scramble): I didn't like the transition with the previous part because there is a big difference between the colors :/ . Apart from that the pace is nice, but there are some effects I just didn't like, like the text at 1:05, or some of the "sweep transitions" (yeah, I don't know how to explain better than that Very Happy)

Track 4 (Tokyo Ghoul): The beginning with the water/blood/whatever was a bit too long but apart from that, it was a nice track. Cool color effects. I just loved the part at 1:56 Razz

Track 5: I really don't understand why you added the black strips in th middle of the track. Apart from that it was a nice track, with some interesting camera movements.

Track 6 (Psycho Pass) & Track 7(Death Note): I think those are my fav, the athmosphere is really nice Very Happy

Track 8 (Ergo Proxy) : didn't like the TV effect. I feel like the tack was shorter tha the others too Surprised. It was ok I think, maybe a bit too simple (well apart the compos in the beginning).

Well I tried to comment every track Very Happy (didn't realize the Mep was so long Razz).
Overall I liked your work; I liked the fact you tried to have a common theme, even if it was more present in some track than the others.
and Happy Birthday to whoever it was made for Very Happy


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Roseau Fringant
Roseau Fringant

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MessageSujet: Re: Schizophrenia MEP    Dim 31 Aoû - 15:09

Woha thanks for your review and kind words Satsu! Its quite inspiring.
We will take your advices to heart and work on producing even better pieces in the future Smile Thank you!
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MessageSujet: Re: Schizophrenia MEP    

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Schizophrenia MEP
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