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 [Ga-Rei-Zero] Sisters of Fate

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MessageSujet: [Ga-Rei-Zero] Sisters of Fate    Jeu 12 Mar - 0:05

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Studio: Studio:

For those of you who are familiar with this song. I am sorry I had to pitch the audio. Youtube blocks this song worldwide. But the download links do have the original audio.

I spent the majority of my time working on this in AE. I would like to think I got better with optical flares but not to sure. This is also my first time messing with Magic Bullet. I originally did this back in 2011. But I really wanted to edit Ga-Rei -Zero- again. I liked it back then, but now that I looked at it. Oh is not that good. Random scenes EVERYWHERE. So I decided to remake it and finally focus on just Kagura and Yomi. Hope you enjoy Very Happy

Programs Used: Final Cut Pro, After Effects
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Vieux Brigand
Vieux Brigand

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MessageSujet: Re: [Ga-Rei-Zero] Sisters of Fate    Jeu 12 Mar - 4:11

It kind of bored me a bit, not enough of the emotion nor the scenes felt the song imo. Also I didn't really like the transitions and that part with the stylish white border thing... Well that's all I feel like saying. Good luck on next!

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Sora to Kasai
Sora to Kasai

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MessageSujet: Re: [Ga-Rei-Zero] Sisters of Fate    Jeu 12 Mar - 11:58

I din't see the anime so I got a bit confused with the story due to some flashback scenes that weren't recognizable enough (usually Black & White + film grains are the most popular solution).

Aside from this, I also got a bit bored because nothing happens except when we see characters' decisive moments or confrontations =/
It's not easy with drama to catch the attention of people who don't know the anime or that aren't drama lovers x)

Also the overuse of crossfades dans you AE compositions was a bit annoying ^^'

As for the AE compositions themself, I didn't understand their utility. It's a bit bling-bling in my mind as soon as it is not necessary in a drama AMV. I think it's a special category because we expect the editor to focus more on the story than in the others categories. So, in a drama AMV, AE composition aren't the first thing to work on =o

Finally, I will talk about you light effects that sometimes saturate colors (as at 2min13s) and that's a pity x)

Arigato gozaimasu SkyZu !!!!

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MessageSujet: Re: [Ga-Rei-Zero] Sisters of Fate    

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[Ga-Rei-Zero] Sisters of Fate
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