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Vieux Brigand
Vieux Brigand

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MessageSujet: [Fobos] Overdose 2 - CHAOS   chaos - [Fobos] Overdose 2 - CHAOS Icon_minitimeLun 29 Oct - 15:21

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Yop guys! So, it was my video for AMVNews Mix Con 2018 (oversync category). Well, i cant say i that I'm completely satisfied with the result, because there were exams when I did this video (lol, thanks my university that warned me a week before they started..) But oh, finally im finished it and my place was 2nd in my category! Yeah, maybe it's more random that first and not so accurate, but i hope you like it!! Let the CHAOS BEGIN!!

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Sora to Kasai
Sora to Kasai

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MessageSujet: Re: [Fobos] Overdose 2 - CHAOS   chaos - [Fobos] Overdose 2 - CHAOS Icon_minitimeLun 29 Oct - 16:48

I didn't really like it, as you said it's quite random, even in terms of color, I felt like a lot of harsh cuts. Some parts are still pretty good but then you have weaker ones with too different animes and I get lost xD

Congratz on your place though o/

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[Fobos] Overdose 2 - CHAOS
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