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Vieux Brigand
Vieux Brigand

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MessageSujet: [Fobos MEP] Unbreakable Girls 2   [Fobos MEP] Unbreakable Girls 2 Icon_minitimeMer 15 Mai - 19:17

[Fobos MEP] Unbreakable Girls 2 60337313_1613989818732863_8358079527078854656_n.png?_nc_cat=103&_nc_ht=scontent.fhen2-1
Merci Jeremy !

Yo all! So, finally after so much years 2nd unbreakable girls is here ! I searched for a good song too much time and i choosed this one bcs im really love this song so much and i think its fit with theme xD
Actually as some of you know, this mep was started too much month ago and only now we finished bcs too much ppl dropped (yea i'm a bad host)
And maybe some of animes didn't fit together well and lazy outro (i dont have inspo for this one now sorry x.x) But i dont think this mep is bad, i like it and maybe some of you will enjoy it like me.
Thanks for watching and thanks for all who try to do part and participated in my mep ! See ya in 3rd part, it will be the last mep of this series and one of my last mep overall !


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Sora to Kasai
Sora to Kasai

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MessageSujet: Re: [Fobos MEP] Unbreakable Girls 2   [Fobos MEP] Unbreakable Girls 2 Icon_minitimeJeu 16 Mai - 19:16


Not bad, I mostly enjoyed Bxp and especially Sakki's parts, cleanest and with most impact imo. But you all did good job, maybe Black lagoon and SAO had a bit too many dirty effects. Btw good job making phantom somehow dynamic xD

Good job guys

[Fobos MEP] Unbreakable Girls 2 1389232002-11388
[Fobos MEP] Unbreakable Girls 2 1492354933-068-signa-sora-mdl
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[Fobos MEP] Unbreakable Girls 2
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