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[ShodAMV] - Vengeance
Mar 21 Oct - 19:10 par ShodAMV
Yo ! Voici mon tout premier AMV que j'ai réalisé sur l'anime One Piece !

Streaming :

Download :

Coming soon

Commentaires: 4
[Kyoroichi] Ghoul Life
Sam 18 Oct - 14:07 par Kyoroichi

Poster By Luciole

After work kicking my ass, I was finally able to finish this. Although after I finished it sony vegas was being a fuck factory so I had to render 38290892089 times, turns out the plugin I was using was causing was making vegas glitch when rendering so I had to remove the effects AND render in MP4 instead of AVI Sad , I …

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Amv - Time out
Dim 12 Oct - 10:44 par reyzen
chanson: The begining
Artiste: One ok rock
programme: AE CC


Cette vidéo a été réalisée pour la Gold Amv organisé dans Very Happy

je ne parle pas très bien le français xD

Commentaires: 2
Eyes Of The Hunter!!
Ven 17 Oct - 22:00 par Kurosaki D
Hello guys
Here I leave the amv I made for the contest, AMV Gold
in this video I put all my knowledge and things eh learned during my years of editing.
here in the contest takes 1st place, very recently, the competition was tough, maybe if it was not that big maybe betatestearon I would not have come to that position.
Greetings, I hope they like

Anime: Hunter X
Music: Icon for hire - Move a Make

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Commentaires: 3
Kisagi - To the Destiny We Dream
Sam 11 Oct - 2:55 par TheRedflash66

Was meant to be made by the day Build Fighters Try came out, but some unexpected things happened. Sorry about the ending and a few scenes as well, was in a rush.

Commentaires: 5
Mer 15 Oct - 17:13 par NoNo
Pouvez vous me donner des critiques constructives et détailler pour que je puisse faire mieux ^^
Merci d'avance Wink

Lien :

Commentaires: 3
Shadow Life
Mar 7 Oct - 11:55 par Kscarlet

"Sometimes madness and passion come together, and it's not easy to face consequences"

Creator: [key]Scarlet
Anime: Aoi Bungaku
Song: Lacuna Coil - Shallow Life
Premiered: 2014-09-27
Studio: Rising Production

Video on

I made this video for Summer Clash IC held by AMVFrance. I had few time for editing it, just two …[/key][/url]

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[MEP] - Shonen Soul - [Joyeux Anniversaire Luciole]
Dim 12 Oct - 10:03 par L1ght

Anime:Various.//.Song: The Finalist - Rain
(Merci Akuzooo)

So I hosted an MEP with my friends to celebrate Jérémiole's birthday. At first I wanted to use a specific song but it turned out that the song wasn't available for me to use *wink wink Luciole* so yeah...

Track 1: Nosamvs
Track 2: Tricky

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The World [MEP]
Mer 30 Juil - 15:01 par Fobos
Yo peoples! So, this is my first mep hosted by me. Yes yes, it could be better but for my first time hosting a mep it turned to be quite good!
So, i hope you like it, all information about animes and guys who made this in outro.
Song: Lorde – Everybody Wants To Rule the World


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